Leah in New York

When Leah was born, I went on a hunt for children’s books about traveling and quickly fell in love with a series about two little dogs from Paris named Gaspard and Lisa. Lisa’s Airplane Trip and Lisa in New York tell all about Lisa’s first solo trip overseas. Anyway, it’s adorable and it planted this idea in Leah’s head that New York is a great place to
visit — which is of course true.

When I told Leah that we were going to visit New York, she screamed and hugged me and said, “Thank you for making all my dreams come true.” Yowza! I knew she’d be excited but she was more like over the moon. This post is mostly photos — suffice to say, we had an awesome time!!!

Lunch at a real New York deli!

I should point out that Leah wore one of my tops “as a tunic” and my black bead necklace. She wanted to look sophisticated to go into the city. 😉
I definitely want to come back! Best reuben ever – and the cheesecake was amazing!
After lunch, we caught a matinee showing of The Lion King!
 Our gracious hosts, Wendy and Frank!!!

The American Girl store!!!!!!!!!! (Leah would call this the best part.)

Looking really serious at dinner at the cutest little Italian place.
Leah took this photo of me and Wendy at the European Cafe.
Hot drinks to thaw us out as we window shopped.

Folks, it was awesome! Frank drove us all into the city on Sunday morning – only an hour and a half from their home in Philadelphia. No traffic in the city. Easy to find a parking space right next to Juniors and The Lion King. No taxis. No subways. No hectic agenda. It was such a relaxed day. Leah crashed in the back seat on the way home although she denies it’s true.

When Michael is old enough to come up here, we’ll have to go to the Natural History Museum!