Summer Home Tour

I usually enjoy all four seasons here in The Cove, but this winter was sooooo cold and dreary that I got tired of it before it got tired of us. By the first week of March, I couldn’t take it any more! I was ready for green grass and leaves and sunshine and flowers! I put away our Fall/Winter decor and began freshening everything up for warmer weather and sunnier days…

Now, you know I love my brown with brown. It’s a four-season color for me. Haha! So, when I ‘redecorate’ from season to season, all I am really doing is swapping out my flower arrangements, linens and throw pillows (or just the covers). I don’t make major changes… I may buy a few things but mostly I ‘shop within our house’ by swapping out old favorites.


I lightened up the feel of the family room by storing the faux-fur throw, dark green candles and velvet throw pillows and replacing them with these white bird pillows and a new pouf.



One good thing about just liking what I like is that I hang on to things. In the Fall, the green glass vase and cinnamon colored silk flowers and berry sprigs will re-appear. This Summer, I am using my white vase and cream colored flowers with lavender. In the Fall, I will put away our jar of sand and shells from the beach and pull out some pumpkins.


 Ignore how desperately I need to re-pot that plant! It’s on my to-do list. I have been adding a few pops of white in this space but nothing major…


In the bedroom, I swap out our linens with the seasons… Nothing major but it really lightens up the room to store the cozy throws and down blankets in the Spring.

Michael is hiding because he wanted me to stop taking pictures so he could have my iPhone back to play games

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!!


House Crashing: Mom and Dad

My parents are mostly moved into their new place so I wanted to share a few pictures for their friends back in Auburn…


All of Mom’s potted plants survived the move!


Mom says, “Y’all come on in!

As you come in, Mom’s “parlor” is on the left. Dad wants to call it the reading room since all the books will be in there but so far we’re all still calling it Mom’s parlor.

They have so many pictures and knickknacks that there’s not room for all the books! We still need to work on this and unpack a couple boxes but it’s coming together.

Off the foyer to the right is the dining room. It’s all done!


My mom’s mother, Gladys, painted both of these scenes of Washington, DC after visiting my parents and Hal there in 1966. They lived in a high-rise in Arlington and Hal’s first word was “cars”. The traffic in DC has not improved since then!

Here’s Mom and Dad’s new room! They have a door out to the back porch.

Welcome to the family room! Like the “L” on the fireplace? Yes, I ordered that for them because I love the one on our fireplace! I’m trying to start a trend. 🙂

There’s a half-wall between the family room and the breakfast area.


I love this kitchen! It has tall cabinets, an island, granite counters and all stainless appliances. It’s just pretty!

Here’s how you know Mom has moved in — the duck is out!

This is a view from the family room into the kitchen.

Dad’s “man cave” is a mess because I told him I’d help him unpack the last boxes and we have been distracted by important things like going to the pool and I don’t know what! I picked out frames for all his diplomas because he’s never hung them up before – ever! Isn’t that goofy!? This one is for his PhD.

This is a cool certificate he got for speaking at a conference in Cairo in 1980/81.

OK, back to the breakfast area! We have some of the rooster decor up – the paintings Steve and I did for Dad. Steve’s is really good (duh) but I like mine, too!

They have a grill, their table and the glider next to the back door.

The other side of the back porch looks into the family room and has a door to the master bedroom. You may recognize these chairs from the lake house.

Dad and Michael are trying to grow a pineapple plant.

Dad hung up a bird feeder.

Bird bath and potted flowers.

Mom picked out two varieties of hydrangeas to plant in the flowerbed.

Dad has the flag up already! Of course.

And the best part is it’s close enough for the grandbabies to come over any time!

This month in the yard: June

I am adding a new series to the blog so I can keep a record of our ongoing changes and remember what blooms when. So, here’s our first installment of “This month in the yard…”


The latest excitement in the back yard is that my parents gave us one of their patio table sets which prompted me to buy an outdoor rug (love chevrons) and some new cushions in my favorite color… brown! We also added a Dynamite Crepe Myrtle as part of a long-term effort to create more of an enclosed courtyard feel on this patio.



I was wandering through the yard taking pictures when I stumbled on Michael working. Bryan had him installing bird netting around the blueberry bushes. Michael is pretty handy with basic tools for a little guy who just finished kindergarten. I’m proud of him.



Since the back patio is now designated as a space for grilling/eating and blueberry farming, the side yard is even more ‘officially’ a place to play. I moved our patio furniture to the side patio. We’re still planning to add a porch or pergola (when?!) and a side entry into the house. I planted several new flowers and shrubs this Spring, including angel trumpets from cuttings my father-in-law nurtured over the winter in his garage.



My lemongrass is growing!

This is one the little redbud trees my father-in-law dug up on his property in Tennessee and brought us a few summers ago. It’s hanging in there but greens up after every other redbud in town blooms in the Spring. It’s weird.


In the front yard, we have some new trees to replace the pin oaks that died. We planted more Japanese maples and another flowing cherry plus I added quite a few perennials including Cana Lillies, Asiatic Lillies, Lantana and Stella D’Oro Day Lillies. I also created a new bed at the front corner of the house to makeover the disasterous Pampas grass area we removed.


I moved my favorite little Japanese Maple – the one I nursed back to life from the “Home Depot Sick Bay” – over to this spot and have nearly killed it by accident. I’ve learned you cannot use fertilizers of any kind near a Japanese Maple. Yikes! I’m digging it up in the morning to move to a non-fertilized spot with fingers crossed it can be saved… again. Do trees have 9 lives like cats?!? So bummed!


Some annuals to bring quick color to the new flowerbed…


Dizzy wakes up irritated with the universe. Can you tell? haha


My new Cana Lillies are blooming! Very exciting!

OK, that’s our first installment! I will do this again around the first of July.