Chez Stevie

For years, I have been trying to convince my parents to move up here. Mostly, I just wanted to hang out more! But on a practical level, it gets them much closer to the extended family and allows us to help them out as they get older. They’re so independent that it didn’t really click until Mom was hospitalized for a few weeks in 2012 and we all waded through the logistics of being in two places at once. Still, we had this dilemma: Mom would not leave Steve behind in Auburn. (He’s 47!!! But as a mama, I do understand. I really do.)

Last Christmas, I nonchalantly mentioned this old Craftsman fixer-upper for sale in a little community near mine and the next thing you know, Steve lists his house in Auburn and is up here house hunting! He decided we should all be together. It means so much to me that he uprooted his life for the rest of us. God has blessed every aspect of this move for Steve and I hope He will continue to make it be such a positive change for Steve and all of us.

There was the one small setback… But what’s a little amnesia in the grand scheme of things?!?

In the end, Steve found a great house just a few miles from us right here in The Cove. The builder had not broken ground, so Steve got to pick out everything! I got to ‘consult’ which was fun.

Last week, Uncle Stevie closed on his new house and this week he moved in!

Welcome to The Cove! So happy to call you my neighbor, Steve!

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