Fun with Orthodontia

My baby girl has braces! And they are teal and yellow! Haha

I’ve always been skeptical of this modern practice of kids getting braces twice. Seemed like a bit of a gimmick to me – but we’re good friends with our dentist and after getting the scoop from him and the orthodontist he referred Leah to, we decided to do this in two phases.

Of course, Leah thinks it’s pretty awesome. I’ll just say orthodontia has come a long way in the last 30 years. My orthodontist had a poster of Tom Selleck with braces glued to his teeth! Leah’s orthodontist has a really cool office with iPads and a Keurig in the waiting room. Works for me!

You know how much Leah loves her American Girl dolls. Well, I do, too – for a lot of reasons. A neighbor’s little girl is hearing-impaired and American Girl sent hearing aids for Molly’s doll. Isn’t that awesome? They make wheelchairs for their dolls and all kinds of bandages and casts for whatever a child may be experiencing… including braces and a headgear! How rocking is this?!?

Beatrice has braces!

And she has a headgear! (Leah gets hers next month.)

Angie got braces, too.

All good!

We have more American Girl goodness coming to the blog later this week. Up next: a tour of my parents’ new house!


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