Summer Camp

Leah is at sleep-away camp this week… for the entire week! She has done mini-camps (just 3 nights away) for the past two summers and has been begging to stay for a week or even two! She was so excited that she packed her suitcase a week ago and then re-organized it several times.

I loved camp so much as a kid that I bought Leah a gigantic duffle bag when she was an infant so she would have it to take to camp. (I am a planner. This is what a planner does! It cannot be helped.) Leah concluded her wheelie-bag was too small and we moved everything into the gigantic duffle bag.

Leah’s dolls have been “at camp” for the past week. Leah told me that Beatrice is emailing with her mom and Julie is taking a nap. Like the bunk beds?

Leah made swimsuits out of socks and then Angie and Beatrice went “to the lake” (my bath tub) to swim. Leah’s camp is on a huge lake – they won’t be swimming in a pool! They also won’t have air conditioning! Or electronics!

Julie is suntanning and listening to the radio.

It’s all good at Camp American Girl.

Here’s Leah trying to fill out a questionnaire for her cabin counselor. The question: What scares you most? Leah said “nothing”. (Of course!) I’d say don’t show her any scary movies and she’ll be fine.

I told Uncle Stevie that all the cabin counselors were college girls and he said, “Oh nooooo!!!” I laughed and said there’s the difference between the girls you and I hung out with in college!!! Hahaha!!!

Leah’s counselors seemed like very sweet young women. 🙂

We got there early so she could pick a top bunk. Leah seems much older than two years ago when I dropped her off at this same camp the first time – two years ago. Mommy felt better about leaving her for a week – but I still miss her so much and it’s still day one!

I know she’ll have a great week!

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