Ain’t life grand?

Some friends invited us over for a neighborhood party on Saturday afternoon. Dave barbecued pulled pork and the best ribs I’ve ever had and everyone brought side dishes and desserts to share. We spent hours just chatting with friends while the kids ran circles around and through the house. It wasn’t hot. The bugs left us alone, mostly. It was fun and relaxing and just really, really nice to be with friends and look around at the mountains and the lake and the sky.

I sometimes wax on about life in a way that makes it all seem like sunshine with rainbows and puppies. But truthfully, sometimes it is sunshine with rainbows and puppies and I want to be sure to notice and stop to soak it all up and say, Yes! This is good! 

If I ignore how lucky we are to live as we do — in The Cove, in the US, in Europe, in so many places — it would feel disrespectful to decent people struggling to just exist amid violence and upheaval in places like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, most of central Africa… There is such a long list of places where people don’t put on sundresses and have barbecued ribs and a cold beer with friends as they enjoy a summer sun set. I am super cheesy sometimes with all my swooning and ain’t life grand silliness — you’ll just have to pardon the cheese.

I sometimes think back to something my brother Steve said a couple years ago when Bryan and I thought we were about to move to Texas: “You’ll remember these years as the best time of your life.”

I think Steve was right.

Anyway, we didn’t move, which I guess means we are still enjoying the best time of our life. Ha!

Leah took the two pictures above and I took the one below of everyone talking. I’ve had my iPhone two years and just realized it will take panoramic shots. Good grief.

 Feeling blessed.


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