Space Camp

20140623 spacecamp

My friend Linda and I met in Dallas way back when I was young and single… another lifetime ago! We became fast friends and enjoyed working together at EDS and HP. We’ve found so much common ground in life from our careers to attitudes to faith and now even our parenting styles. She also loves to travel as much as I do! We have been everywhere together from Las Vegas to Savannah and London to Rome. In fact, we went to The Vatican together when Pope John Paul II had just died because we happened to be in town for a staff meeting. We’ve had some adventures over the years. This week is special because she brought her son Vaughn down to visit with us and go to Space Camp.

NASA’s presence in Huntsville goes back more than 50 years. Wehner von Braun and his team of German rocket scientists chose Huntsville as their home base when they came to the US following WW2. Apparently the mountains and trees reminded them more of home than White Sands, New Mexico. Imagine that!?! So they ditched the desert for the Tennessee Valley and thus Huntsville has more engineers per capita than Silicon Valley as well as a fine selection of German restaurants. (Vielen Dank, Herr Doktor von Braun!)

20140624 spacecamp

Leah and Vaughn are learning all about modern aerospace engineering this week as they test out various simulators and experience g-force <cue the nausea> and some gyro-machine that pitches astronauts (and campers) around to simulate falling from extreme altitudes. Leah called that one “the vomitator”. Good times!

I’m already pitching Space Camp 2015 and 2016 to Linda… the Aviation Challenge and Robotics camps are pretty cool!

4 thoughts on “Space Camp

  1. Just trying out the Kim’s Super Deluxe Lock-down blog. Trying to see if this site will let me leave a comment. I am assuming this is the last iteration of the past 5 or six versions. So here goes……….Space Camp looks like fun!!!!


    • WordPress (my new host) isn’t affiliated with Google so your Google ID gets you nothing!! 🙂

      I just figured out how to approve comments using my phone. I’m still learning WordPress — I’ll see if I can turn off the approvals.


  2. The second comment was from my Google account. I think the “controls” are your password protected viewing and then getting to see post before they actually posts. Both are good things. Come over one day and I’ll show you how you can post. Once your “in, your in” . You can do it multiple ways. Worldpress, Twitter, Facebook and Google or just your e-mail – any e-mail (you just don’t get a photo). I’ll try to post this via Facebook (you have to sign a agreement to share info; argggh – I may regret this…but here goes. Facebook style. CANCEL THAT!!!! WorldPress was going to get my entire Facebook profile, my entire Facebook friends lists (over 400) – so. I’ll stick with google.


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