Summer Camp II

Leah loves loves loves summer camp! You may have seen my post a couple weeks ago about her days upon days of packing and planning. Well, camp ended up being a great success. There were 6 girls in her cabin and 4 counselors. I loved that ratio! Leah’s favorite activities were “The Blob” (jumping off a tower onto a giant floating mattress in the lake), the zip line, archery and quiet time (of all things). We were very proud of her for winning a leadership award at the closing ceremony.

The camp is tucked up into the trees right on the lake. The facilities are pretty rustic, but it’s a gorgeous setting. Camp is supposed to be rustic though, right?

Did you see the pontoon boat in the background of the last photo? Leah told the funniest story about the boat breaking down while the kids were out on a cruise. It’s the only boat so the counselors told them to take off their shoes, tie the laces together and hang them around their necks because they were all about to swim to shore. Haha! Leah said they swam fifty yards and then had to hike back two miles through the woods. I love it!

This was Leah’s cabin. The camp director told them to choose plumbing or air conditioning. They chose plumbing! I am pretty sure that was the only actual option. They played a lot of pranks on the boys cabin but the boys got them back.

This is “The Blob”!!!

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