Summer Home Tour

I usually enjoy all four seasons here in The Cove, but this winter was sooooo cold and dreary that I got tired of it before it got tired of us. By the first week of March, I couldn’t take it any more! I was ready for green grass and leaves and sunshine and flowers! I put away our Fall/Winter decor and began freshening everything up for warmer weather and sunnier days…

Now, you know I love my brown with brown. It’s a four-season color for me. Haha! So, when I ‘redecorate’ from season to season, all I am really doing is swapping out my flower arrangements, linens and throw pillows (or just the covers). I don’t make major changes… I may buy a few things but mostly I ‘shop within our house’ by swapping out old favorites.


I lightened up the feel of the family room by storing the faux-fur throw, dark green candles and velvet throw pillows and replacing them with these white bird pillows and a new pouf.



One good thing about just liking what I like is that I hang on to things. In the Fall, the green glass vase and cinnamon colored silk flowers and berry sprigs will re-appear. This Summer, I am using my white vase and cream colored flowers with lavender. In the Fall, I will put away our jar of sand and shells from the beach and pull out some pumpkins.


 Ignore how desperately I need to re-pot that plant! It’s on my to-do list. I have been adding a few pops of white in this space but nothing major…


In the bedroom, I swap out our linens with the seasons… Nothing major but it really lightens up the room to store the cozy throws and down blankets in the Spring.

Michael is hiding because he wanted me to stop taking pictures so he could have my iPhone back to play games

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!!


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