Day Camp

Michael got to go back to his favorite camp again this summer for the third year in a row! He loves it!!! The kids get to do all kinds of fun things from zip-lining to horseback riding to archery and hiking and canoeing. They even have farm animals to pet and play with. The kids ride a bus to camp – singing camp songs all the way – and generally fall asleep on the way home because they’re absolutely spent! Michael’s favorite thing is probably Foxes and Hounds – an elaborate game of hide, seek and chase that the kids play in the woods. My dad said he grew up playing the same game!

My parents rode down there with me for Parents Day and we arrived in time to see Michael’s group doing archery before they headed off to play Foxes and Hounds…

At one point during Foxes and Hounds, three boys went missing. I’ll let you guess who!!!!! Of course, one was Michael. A little girl came running out of the woods saying the boys were headed for Salamander Cave. Images of helicopters and police dogs flashed before my eyes. Dad was concerned that the teenage counselors didn’t seem sufficiently freaked out – but it was all resolved 15 minutes later when the boys emerged safely from the woods with their counselor. It was a long 15 minutes! Cody-the-counselor insisted it was a misunderstanding. Michael was confused by all the fuss, of course.

Up next was ‘council time’ when all the campers came together for silly songs and skits led by the counselors. Mom and Dad really got a kick out of the songs and dancing ‘the funky chicken’.

My favorite thing about the camp – other than how much Michael loves it and how much fun they have – is how staggeringly filthy and tired he is at the end of the day!!! It’s the hallmark of a great summer camp, is it not?!?


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