1. a small indentation or recess in the shoreline of a sea, lake, or river.
2. a sheltered nook.
3. a hollow or recess in a mountain; cave; cavern.
4. a narrow pass between woods or hills.
5. a sheltered area between woods or hills.

I’ve had several friends out-of-state express surprise that we have mountains in Alabama. I’m always a little reluctant to dive into a geography lesson because people already think we’re ignorant and barefoot down here – adding a reference to the Appalachians is unlikely to improve their mental image. And yet, the Appalachians stretch all the way from Alabama to Newfoundland and we know most East Coast folks aren’t married to their sisters. So I think we’re in good company. <wink>

This is my view driving “over the mountain” to the south side of the city. It’s such a pretty drive but we carry on about it like we’re pioneers crossing on horseback… Ohhhh I have to go over the mountain again today!  If we could get a Target and a TJMaxx in The Cove, I would never leave.

This is a peek down into a valley. We have valleys and coves in spades.

This is my favorite picture from last winter – Leah and Michael were sledding on the golf course. Can you make out the rows of mountains in the distance? I wish every day of winter was this gorgeous!

I love this valley because there’s a giant field of cute brown cows just beyond those trees… right in the middle of shopping and restaurants and churches and schools! So cute.

 The Cove has mountains on three sides.

It’s beautiful here. Bryan teases me that I get antsy every Winter and say we should move. But then I fall in love with it every Spring and ooooh and ahhhh straight through the Fall. Hopeless!

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