Last week, Leah and Michael got a visit from their best friends from Texas! Ava and Tucker moved two years ago and since then, the girls have called and texted and the boys have Facetimed to keep in touch. When Ava and Leah saw each other, they screamed and ran to each other a hugged. I may possibly have fought back tears. They were precious!

We got the kids for 24 hours while the parents took care of business in town. It wasn’t nearly long enough! (But we will take what we can get!)

Tucker asked his dad if they could stay two more days and when his dad explained that they needed to go back to Texas, Tucker said, “Well then how about we stay five more days?” I like how you negotiate, Tucker!!!

Jodi and Mike

Do you see the little doodlebug in this picture??? They brought a new baby brother with them! Graham is adorable! He stayed with us for a few hours so his Mommy and Daddy could go have dinner in peace.

Graham and I bonded. Haha! Seriously, he fell asleep on me and I just wanted to keep him!

Since they had such a short visit, they had hoped to see “everyone” at the pool. It kept raining off and on, so half the neighborhood met them for a frozen yogurt before they left town.

Ava, Leah and Andrew were all in kindergarten together.

We all miss these friends so much!

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