Today I’m forcing myself to revamp my resume. I have been officially unemployed for five mostly glorious and surprisingly busy months – and – it’s time to get a job! The kids go back to school in 4 weeks. I haven’t job hunted since I was 25 years old so “the hunt” is a little daunting. I don’t want to do it. Every job jump I’ve made over the years was very informal… a couple phone calls… no interviewing… no scrutiny of a resume. I either moved internally within the company or followed my favorite boss when I was an independent consultant.

A couple months ago, a friend invited me to tour the office of the consulting firm where she works. They’re in a really cool industrial space that dates back at least 100 years. It used to be a stove factory. I loved the tour, but the nice surprise in it all was that I met the communications director and had a discussion with him for about an hour that was the closest thing to a job interview I’ve had since 1996. It was good practice.

The kids have teased me a little bit lately about being unemployed… We detoured through Sewanee, Tennessee on our way home from Jonesborough over the 4th. I fell in love with that town the first time I visited it 20+ years ago. When Bryan and I lived in Florida, we looked into the possibility of moving there and even looked at a couple houses. Not surprisingly, the kids loved it, too! Such a gorgeous community…

Kids: “Let’s move! Let’s move here this summer! Can we? Can we?”

Me: “No, we’re not moving anywhere. Well, if Mommy ever has a full-on freak-out, Sewanee is my Plan B. We will run away to the mountains! We will live in the woods! Daddy can work at AEDC and you can go to St. Andrews! Haha!”

Leah – to Michael: “And Mommy can work from anywhere since she telecommutes… Oh wait, that’s right, Mommy doesn’t have a job!

Bryan liked that one!

And then yesterday, Michael said: “I want to be a grown-up who doesn’t have a job.” Leah jumped in – and just to gig me – she said, “No, Michael! Don’t be like Mommy!” And they both laughed!

They are enjoying this too much!

OK, back to my resume…

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