Hang Ten

The kids love to boogie board more than almost anything in the world! It began a few summers ago when we watched “Soul Surfer” about 11 year old Bethany Hamilton’s return to competitive surfing after losing an arm to a great white. Leah in particular has been in love with surfing and Hawaii since then!







Olivia and Anna were out there with Leah and Michael. My kids are good swimmers but sometimes I wish they were just a wee bit leery… You know how fearless kids are. Yesterday I briefly considered “Jaws” for movie night!! Hahaha!!

Yesterday was special because Papa and Mama P were out boogie boarding with the kids. At 75 and 74, that’s pretty cool. Last October, when Mama P was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, we would have been so encouraged to have had a crystal ball showing her hitting the waves this week.

Papa and Mama P are great examples for their grandchildren in so many ways.




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