July 4th

I need to tell you about what we did over the July 4th weekend!

Every year, we spend July 4th with my childhood friend Molly and her family in Jonesborough, Tennessee. It’s the highlight of our summer! Jonesborough dates back to the 1700s and is such a quaint little town. It’s very Mayberry-esque.

Molly’s parents, Terry and Sandy, have three precious grandchildren (see photo above) but made room in their hearts for two more years ago. Leah and Michael’s little faces are on the refrigerator next to the grandkids. We all have so much fun together!

Buddy got a haircut and I almost didn’t recognize him!

Friends since 1979… as in 4th grade… as in the exact age our daughters, Leah and Lucy, are right now!

Molly and Rene.

Every summer, we ride on a parade float with the whole family. It’s so much fun! Terry and a couple of his buddies play guitars and banjos and we all sing “Grand Ol’ Flag” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy” as we ride through town.

My favorite float this year was the giant chicken! The whole thing was made from plastic grocery sacks! Isn’t it amazing?!?

Up next… a post on something really cool the kids came up with while we were in Jonesborough!

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