Summer Stock

This year’s visit to Jonesborough was maybe my favorite because we didn’t try to do very much – we just got to enjoy being together. We are usually shuttling the kids from the water park to the bouncy house place to the cousins’ farm to the festival downtown… one year, 13 of us hit Dollywood in matching tie-dye shirts! What a sight! Anyway, we always have fun but it’s always slightly frenetic.

This year, we essentially did nothing and the most amazing thing happened… five little kids put their imaginations together and decided to put on performances for us! They worked so hard on it for a couple of days – and they were awesome!

Leah created a reserved seat for Bryan on the aisle. I think she was copying our church – they gave us our own seats years ago with a “reserved” placard. Very sweet!

The girls had teamed up so the boys followed suit. The differences in their chosen performances was nothing short of a study in X vs Y chromosomes. The girls had plot development, conversation, emotions and singing. The boys had no words at all in act one and when it was done, Michael clarified for the audience that the scene was intended to explain the direction of the storyline. Anyway, there was a lot of hunting, chasing and grunting – but the boys had practiced and actually created this all very deliberately.

Best visit ever.

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