Playdate in the garden…

Last week, we went to the Botanical Garden with our neighbors. It was our first visit in over a year – which is odd for us because we usually keep up a family membership. I’d somehow forgotten how beautiful it is, so I am glad my neighbor Lori suggested it.

Michael’s favorite is the butterfly house. It has a corn snake (in an aquarium) and a lot of turtles in addition to hundreds of butterflies.

I don’t recommend touching the turtles. This one looked hungry for a finger-snack!!

The garden is really kid-friendly. (Ominous hungry turtles not withstanding.) There’s a fun theme every summer (this year it’s Alice-in-Wonderland) plus amazing tree houses and stuff to climb on and through. Leah’s favorite thing about visiting the botanical garden is that kids always wear swimsuits to play in the fountains and water features.

This pergola is my favorite. You wander down a path through the woods and then BOOM there it is. It’s just amazing… The lily pads alone are incredible. They’re gigantic!

Ellie and Leah the castle guards!

Jason, Ellie, Lexie, Leah and Michael

We are enjoying the final moments of a very short summer break. School starts next week! It has been a really fun summer – about the perfect pace of slow days and busy days with just enough travel and just enough being at home. We all just wish we had about a month more of it!

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