Bryan started Leah’s college fund when she was still in the womb. He got online to check tuition to Duke University and then extrapolated the estimated cost 18 years out. I had to add that into this post so it’s clear I am not the only one around here who can be ambitious in planning for the future. Haha!

Suffice to say, our kids’ education is important to us. Plus, I’m always thinking 2 and 5 and 10 years out. I cannot help it. Nothing has driven me crazier in recent years than deciding where Leah (and eventually Michael) will go to middle and high school. I have spent hours researching every public, magnet and private school in the metro area. I’ve compared the AP and foreign language offerings, extracurricular options, college matriculation rates and students’ average ACT scores. And guess what?

There are pros and cons to every option.

It’s maddening.

I want there to be one right answer. I’m great with ambiguity when it has nothing to do with my babies. I mean, in terms of prioritizing the big stuff, third in line behind God and Mama-and-Daddy’s love comes Education. Recently, I was lamenting to my friend Shannan and she said, wisely, “You’re going to choose the best of several imperfect options.


That was a long build up to a change we’re making for Michael this year. We decided to send him to a private school with his best buddy, Charlie – and it’s not a school we really had on our radar. But having talked with administrators, teachers and parents of students, we think it’s the right fit for right now. No official plans for middle or high school. (Gasp!) It’s very small – just 35 kids in the 1st grade – but the vibe is sweetness and the academics will keep Michael busy. We offered Leah the option of transferring with him, but she got “the fun, young teacher” for 4th grade at our public school – and more importantly, her sweet friend Ann Catherine is going to be in the same class!! Leah is far more concerned with her social life than academics. We have no idea where she gets that from! <wink>

Wish us luck!

In Michael’s interview and testing, he demonstrated how fast he can run on all fours, said he’s already an animal expert (when asked what he wants to be when he grows up) because he does research all the time, he’s just not yet working in a big building; and when asked about his understanding of Jesus, he said – in a palm to forehead parenting moment, “He was a very good person at the time,” so we are pleasantly surprised they’ve let him in! Haha! I figure he did better than the little boy who looked at the admissions director – who was wearing something Auburn – and said, “Auburn sucks!”

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