This month in the yard: August

What a difference a month makes! As we were welcoming in July, our plants and trees looked so weary (and/or dead). Most of them are now thriving! (A couple trees still look dead, but the trunks and limbs are still pliable so I am hopeful they’ll bounce back in the Spring.) OK, now to begin our tour… First up, the new wreath I made this week and a view of the front flowerbeds.

The Lantana, Hostas and Crepe Myrtle are doing great! The Azaleas, Day Lillies and Asiatic Lillies aren’t blooming (much) but they look healthy.

The Cana Lillies just keep growing! I am so happy with these!

The Monkey Grass sprouted these little purple flowers and I have decided that maybe I don’t hate Monkey Grass after all.

The Hosta Lillies under my Burning Bush are so beautiful this year! Oddly, they get some afternoon sun and don’t seem to mind it.

This is either a very healthy weed (probably) or the one sunflower to emerge from all the seeds I planted in this corner weeks and weeks ago (possibly).

The Confederate Jasmine is creeping along. If it can survive the winter, it should really fill out next Summer.

I’m racking my brain and can’t remember what these shrubs are called but they have silvery green leaves and grow like CRAZY. I have to trim them 3-4 times a year. The small one was cut down to the ground – nothing but a wooden nub – at Easter and it’s already back. They make a great screen but probably were a poor choice (by the builder) for screening the AC because they can potentially block air flow. They require regular attention.

The new flowerbed is doing great. The Crepe Myrtle has been nothing but happy in its new home…

…and these have been the easiest and prettiest little flowers to grow! They’re annuals but they are thriving with zero attention. I don’t even have to dead-head them!

My new Maple is doing really well. (It’s twin across the driveway is dead as a door nail.) The big Birch tree in the background has looked distressed all summer. It’s continuing to drop leaves as though it’s mid-Fall.

The Redbud trees are all doing great.

My Hydrangeas still have not bloomed and they’re beginning to look droopy. I decided to water them and see what happens. I haven’t watered them at all in recent years – rain is usually enough. Who knows.

The Angel Trumpet plant will not grow. It’s twin finally died after dragging along for a couple months. My father-in-law gave these to me and his transplants have grown like crazy in Tennessee. Mysteries abound!

I am loving our side patio and having the playset in this part of the yard! I’ll love it all more when we add a door and pergola or porch! In the meantime, the lemongrass in this pot is growing reeeeally slowly. I need to put it in the ground.

This Maple tree got diseased and “died” several years ago. Before we could remove it, a windstorm knocked it down, leaving a little rotten stump full of bugs. That Spring (2012) it sprouted new growth. Last year, it grew like a little shrub – fluffy with green leaves. This year, it took off and is now just as tall as the other Maple trees we originally planted! But… the trunk grew back forked. And new growth swelled up around the old rotted area. So very strange!

My little Magnolia tree has bloomed all Summer! It’s so sweet! So little… so slow growing…

These Lillies in the back yard are doing nothing.

Bryan’s Blueberry bushes are continuing to fill out and produced a few handfuls of berries. They’ll be pretty (red) this Fall.

The Lemongrass in this bed is growing like crazy! It’s supposed to ward off mosquitoes, so it’s conveniently located next to my new hammock!

The Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) and Blue Night Salvia are doing well.

The new hammock!!!

The new Dynamite Crepe Myrtle we planted earlier this summer is doing so well – and is mostly neglected! Maybe that’s the trick?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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