Gators and Pearls

I haven’t had time to blog because I have been so busy job hunting/networking. It’s a frustrating process. Anyway, this weekend we enjoyed a visit from Aunt Shelby and cousins Mark, Merry and Nathan on Saturday, then ran up to Tennessee for Friends Day at Papa and Mama P’s church on Sunday. It was good to squeeze in a quick visit with Aunt Kathryn and cousins Will and Olivia. Mama P has been battling breast cancer since last Fall and is undergoing chemo so we ran by the house after church to visit with her. It was great to see her looking good and feeling perkier than she had been last week.

Dad (Paw-Paw) sent me a link to the most amazing news article about an Alabama woman who captured and killed a world record American Alligator. The pictures of the alligator are impressive but my favorite part of all is that the woman put on her pearl necklace for the picture! gator

I am not sure people outside the South pick up on the subtleties of our culture. They probably wouldn’t notice or understand the fresh make-up with a clean t-shirt, jeans and a pearl necklace in this family photo with a gigantic dead alligator. Looks like a good Christmas card photo to me!

Have a great week, friends!!!


2 thoughts on “Gators and Pearls

  1. Just love your blog Kim. So much better than time spent on Facebook! Love the updates on Michael and Leah. I laughed at Michael’s description of Jesus and remembered our Robin replying to the kindergarten teacher (when asked to draw a picture of herself)…’Do you have a mirror? I forget what I look like.’
    Of course I love hearing about Marion and Bill and their antics with the children…and loved what you did to the garage. Paul is busily working on his as I write. He’s built cabinets and storage area. That is is man-cave – thankful it is not in the house!


    • Thank you for leaving a comment, Mrs. Smith! It’s great to hear from you! I am glad you’re enjoying the blog. I am loving spending so much time with my parents since they moved here!!! I hope your move is going really well. Glad Mr. Smith is getting a man cave. Haha!


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