Tiny Babies

This past Friday night, Bryan and I attended the Miracle Bash at Burritt on the Mountain – an annual dinner fundraiser for the Melissa George Foundation which raises support for our neonatal ICU together with Swim for Melissa.

We watched the sun set with views across all of Huntsville and we could even spot the Saturn V rocket at the US Space and Rocket Center. The view was staggering! And despite it being quite a hot-and-humid day, the wind blew in and the weather was so mild. A couple guys were playing super chill music, the hors deourves were awesome, and we enjoyed talking with a few friends and our pediatrician. The dinner on Friday night is always followed by a swim meet on Saturday that local kids participate in to raise money for the neonatal ICU at our children’s hospital. The children all know they are “helping the tiny babies”. It’s such a great way to get them thinking about helping others.

The silent auction items at the dinner were amazing! I bid on several things but didn’t win anything. I wanted the Peyton Manning jersey because he’s the best Saturday Night Live host of all time!!! I don’t recall ever seeing him play football, but I hear he’s pretty good. Ha! I added that for Bryan’s sake. He watches enough football for both of us. <wink>

I had to add this picture of Ann Catherine at a lemonade stand fundraiser last week. She and her little sister do all kinds of clever things to raise money for the Melissa George Foundation.

The Invincible Sharks

Our friend Melika was the chairperson for Swim for Melissa this year. Her twins, Aiden and Isaac, were born prematurely and benefited from the wonderful care of the NICU. Michael swam with their team for the second year in a row.

Michael finished 6 laps in the time allotted! I am signing him up for the swim team next summer!

Melissa’s Miracles

Here are Leah and Ann Catherine. The event is named in memory of AC’s twin sister, Melissa. I cannot articulate how touching it is to me that AC’s parents could establish this foundation on the heels of losing one of their babies. In the nine years since they were born, The Melissa George Foundation has raised over $2 million for our NICU and has helped save countless lives. AC’s parents are people of enormous faith and substance.

Leah is a much better swimmer than she gives herself credit for. There are sinkers and floaters and she is a natural floater but refuses to join the swim team! It kills me.

Andrew came along to cheer for Leah and Michael as they swam. Afterwards, the boys channeled their inner Hercule Poirot with a little face painting.

Leah and Michael raised $750!!! Thank you to our supporters:

  • Papa and Mama P
  • Paw-Paw and Nana
  • Cousins Mark and Merry
  • Uncle Hal and Aunt Glenna
  • Chuck and Tracey Cooper
  • Wendy and Frank Homer 

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