This month in the yard: September

I opted against a zillion pictures of the yard this month since very little has changed in recent weeks… with one significant exception!

My “dead” River Birch tree is sprouting new growth! Yippee!

My Day Lillies have continued to bloom all summer but I’m learning it takes a copious amount of flowers to drench the beds in color a la Southern Living magazine. The flowerbed around the back patio looks pewny!!! Seriously, the Lemongrass looks like a feature plant – it now dwarfs the blueberries – and all my flowers are so small and spread apart that they disappear.


I have a lot of work to do in the years to come!

The Crepe Myrtle is starting to bloom!

These little annuals are still my favorites – so easy!

Freddie barks and growls at everyone who jogs by – if he doesn’t know them and/or they don’t pet him – and particularly if they have a dog. He is so obnoxious! I’ve learned recently some joggers think he is “mean”. I may need to put out a dog treat station with a little note explaining our rotten dog’s behavior: he will shut up if you pet him!

Claire likes stalking the butterflies that hover around the Lantana and Night Salvia.

The Hydrangeas still haven’t bloomed!!!


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