Volleyball and Soccer

I am so happy about volleyball and soccer right now. You know why? Because Leah and Michael are really enjoying it! <insert happy dance>

Leah is the one in the pink hairband.

I really don’t know anything about volleyball so the learning curve is steep. What I do know is that I’m getting a lot of photos of Leah’s bootie!! Haha!! They haven’t gotten their uniforms yet as you can see…

Here’s Leah serving.

Leah’s team had their first couple of scrimmages last night and played really well! The pace was quick and exciting! Leah is strong and seems to be good at serving. I love that she’s totally into the game – so focused and still having fun!!!!! The other day, she asked me if there is a middle school volleyball team she can play on…

Their season starts next week. 🙂

Michael’s soccer team has already played two games! The other night, we had a full moon. Beautiful!

Michael is playing left fullback – my old position! He’s so excited here – jumping up and down as Charlie takes a shot at the ball (and/or the kid). Haha! Michael occasionally yells, “Defend the goooooaal!!!!!” in a tone reminiscent of a young Mel Gibson yelling “For Scotlaaaand!!!!!” in Braveheart.

Go Ninjas!!!

And… the cheering section clearly needs a heads up on the team colors!! Ha!!

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