Fall is here!

Southern Living magazine says Fall is The South’s best season. I think I agree. Winter is ugly because we don’t get [enough] snow. Spring is pretty great. Summer is hot. Fall has football and colorful leaves. Fall for the win!!! <insert touchdown dance here>

“Go outside and play!” – Mom

“Meow.” – Claire

I love that our pets follow us wherever we go.

“Mommy!!! Help me get my foot up here!!!” – Michael

Freddie is always happy to go outside and play! Just as long as he’s with us, you know?

“Hey, pose for a picture…” – Mom


(Notice Dizzy is standing just on the outside of the fence watching us.)

My favorite tween.

Every morning, Michael and I tell Leah to “have a great day” as we leave to drive to his school. As we were driving away yesterday morning, he let out a big sigh and said, “I love her.”


Those are the moments, people.


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