Open for business

Leah and Michael are always coming up with business ideas which I love because it gives me the chance to talk strategy with them. For example, Leah has been wanting to start a dog washing business. Awesome! I am sure several neighbors would gladly pay a kid $10 to wash their dog. I know I would!!! One small problem: Leah can’t hold Freddie still long enough to bathe him. She negotiated with Michael and Andrew to join her as partners but they still need me to hold the dog still. Mama says you can’t advertise to wash the neighbors’ dogs until you can successfully demonstrate your technique on Freddie – and this has slowed growth of their enterprise.

Michael has said for a year now that he wants to open a tea shop on our patio. Bryan and I have been talking him through supply and labor costs, revenues and profit. He decided I should pay for everything (right) but he wants to divide the revenues among all the employees. This is essentially the business model the kids followed the other day when they opened a snack shop in the driveway…

They charged me $1 for a small lemonade and threw in the “penot budr cracrs” for free.

Despite excellent signage, I was the only customer. A few dog walkers came by and waved but no one stopped for a snack.

Revenues = $1

Michael gave Leah fifty cents.

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