Critter Mania

In August, Michael asked us if he could get a pet for his birthday which is coming up in October. He wants something that can live happily in his 10-gallon tank, so I told him to do some research and let me know what he thinks is best. (Michael loves to research!) Also, I said no snakes.

Well, eighty-bejillion hours of online research later, Michael still isn’t quite sure which little critter he wants, but he can talk to you at length about anoles, tortoises, turtles, skinks, iguanas, chameleons and all kinds of lizards. He knows how large various species of tortoise will be at maturity and can expound for ages on the pros and cons of leopard geckos vs. crested geckos. He is a little critter encyclopedia – and he wants to talk about nothing else. As of today, he has narrowed his search to small desert reptiles that are both docile and diurnal. (How sad is it that my 6 year old taught me the word ‘diurnal’?)

We have been to the pet store about once a week to look at everything they have…

Some of these little jokers are $15 and some are $100. I’ll be steering my little herpetologist towards a cheaper option in case the cats eat it! Yikes! Actually, they are all pretty cute. No one is as excited as Michael – suffice to say – but I can’t wait to bring home our little pet.

Now, which one will it be?!?

4 thoughts on “Critter Mania

  1. I would ask the pet store guy which is most likely to survive being picked up and held frequently because you know he going to carry it around the house and pet it all day. Bank on that. I think “Myrtle” the Hermit Crab and Myrtle’s replacement Hermit Crab probably got picked up too many times to survive their “peaceful, stress-free, 10-gallon utopia”. Plus, you may want to ask about feeding, it’s my understanding that these guys eat LOTS of bugs and that means buying lots of live crickets. Just something to think about………as they escape all around the house and are chirping behind your pillow at night! I can’t wait!!


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