Help for the working mother…

I started a new job on Monday!!! I’m really happy because several friends who have been job hunting are starting new jobs as well – so it’s happiness all around! It’s great to be back at work – mostly. I actually missed the mental challenge and the interaction with colleagues – but of course, it makes life a little crazier because of the time constraints. I am free and the house is quiet from 7:30-3:00 which gives me 37.5 hours each week to work in peace. Once the kids are home, all bets are off, but I can get the rest of my work done in the afternoon/evening in between the kids activities, errands, dinner, baths-and-bedtime, etc.

We’ll find our groove in a few weeks – in the meantime, Paw-Paw has been incredibly helpful! He’s been coming over at 7:00 every morning to help me and then he takes Michael to school. He’s also tag-teaming with me on getting Michael to soccer or Leah to volleyball which is great since I don’t yet know how to be in two places at once!!! How did my parents raise three children who were all involved in completely different activities?!? They must have leaped for joy when both boys joined the same scout troop.

In theory, my parents moved here so we could be of help to them. So far, that is totally what we are doing – except the opposite. Ha! Dad asks me occasionally, “What did you do before we moved here?” Mom and Dad say they love that they are needed. Well, they are needed! That’s for sure. It’s so nice to have the help – and even more nice to spend more time together.

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