Seasons of life!

I went to a Christian women’s conference last weekend in Birmingham that was a great experience: (1) it was 24 hours of bonding time with friends I cherish, (2) it was really uplifting, and (3) I came away with so much to think about: What has the Lord entrusted to you? Who is God calling you to be in this season? Those are question raised by two of the speakers that really resonated with me.


Here’s Leah serving…

In this current “season” of life, we are running from school and work to volleyball and soccer. Wash, rinse, repeat. Every day was full before I went back to work – but we are finding our groove. The trick is ensuring we block off time for nothingness so we can decompress as a family.

Here’s Michael going after #8…

A little boy at Michael’s soccer game saw his team score and dropped to his knees with his arms raised high and yelled, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” like this was the World Cup and not a U8 boys soccer game in the outfield of a baseball field at the neighborhood park. Last night, I was thinking about the dirty laundry, the sink full of dishes and that I had been 15 minutes late picking up Leah from German club yesterday… (yikes!) It occurred to me that everyone made it to their ballgames, got fed, bathed and tucked in, and there was milk for breakfast this morning. I should have dropped to my knees with my arms held high and shouted, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” that the day went mostly well!!!!! See, it’s all in how you look at life. #score #smallvictories #neverperfect

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