Welcome Max and Jumper!

After an exhaustive search for the ideal critters to join our family,  I am pleased to introduce you to Michael’s newest pets: Max and Jumper. We keep inadvertently naming our pets after my dad’s best friend. Yes, Paw-Paw actually has a friend named Dizzy Jumper. (Kidding!)

Max is a Bahaman Anole which is a lizard native to Cuba and the Bahamas. If he was Southern Baptist and had a doctorate in engineering, he would have three things in common with my dad’s friend, Max.

Jumper is a green tree frog, the “official amphibian” of both Louisiana and Georgia.

Michael set up an awesome tropical terrarium for them with places to hide and things to climb on. He picked out three small tropical plants from Lowes. The hiding spot is from PetCo and the stick came from our creek. The water bowl and half-log are leftover from Myrtle-the-hermit-crab.

Max and Jumper both eat crickets so we also have a cage full of tiny crickets in the garage. We even had to buy cricket food, if you can imagine.

On Saturday night, we were watching the Auburn-LSU game with my family and everyone was tense – maybe because so many top 10 teams lost on Saturday. I don’t know. Michael was trying so hard to talk with everyone about his terrarium and they were saying, “Uh huh,” and staring at the TV! It was hardly a gripping game. I finally said, “We’re up 31 to 7, could you people please go look at Michael’s terrarium?!?”  (I missed the gene that makes you lose your mind while watching a football game, so I enjoyed teasing them!!!)

Yes, Michael is wearing a Florida Gators jersey. #liberalparents #notraisedright

Since Michael enjoyed seeing so many videos on the care and keeping of various reptiles and amphibians, he decided to create his own instructional video which you can watch here.

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