Grown-ups night(s) out…

Bryan and I have had not one, not two, but THREE nights out without the kids in the past week!!! This never, ever happens. It’s a Fall Break miracle, friends. I have long had a goal to go out at least once a month on our own – and frankly, we don’t always make our goal. This past week, both kids spent the night away twice so Bryan and I went out for Thai food both nights – but to two different places. Living life on the edge, as usual. Ha!

Last Friday night, we joined Andrew’s parents for a fundraiser party for a historical museum that was just incredibly beautifully done. The party was outdoors on a gorgeous, cool Fall evening, set among homesteads and barns preserved from the 1800s. I took so many pictures… Here are a few:

This was built in 2013! I just included it so you could see the sunset over the city.

The party had a Western theme! Dawn’s outfit was so amazing and David’s head dress was hilarious.

This is my idea of Western wear. Ha! I wore crazy black and white patterned ankle pants just like all the cowgirls who shop at Old Navy. 😉

There were tables and hay bales to sit on during dinner – a buffet of unique salsas, barbecue chicken and cornbread topped with fig preserves. I love the string lights that ran from tree to tree and house to barn.

There were also a couple of fire pits set up and a “smore station” with flavored hand-made marshmallows (!) and elegant toppings like white chocolate and Nutella. Haha! It was adorable.

A band was playing Bluegrass music, which is really not my thing, but they were great and managed to create a very relaxed feel. You could dance if you wanted to – and there was an instructor on hand leading line dances – or you could carry on a conversation without screaming over the noise. The vibe was great!

Whoever planned this party knocked it out of the park!

We stood by a pen talking for a while and the little cow kept sticking her nose through the fence to smell Bryan. I tease Bryan about his connection to animals because this kind of thing always seems to happen to him! 

Shameless selfie! I like this one – a lot. When Bryan is really cracked up he rocks back like this. 🙂

One thought on “Grown-ups night(s) out…

  1. I finally made it on the blog!!! I’ve been waiting to do something spectacular and get the mention…hooray!

    The night at Burritt was a wonderful time with you and Bryan. I certainly enjoyed seeing him crack up like that several times that night. He has an infectious laugh.

    We survived fall break, my friend, and it style as it seems.


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