Fall is in full swing…

I spend about 10 minutes on “seasonal decorating” every Fall and Spring. I know some people really get into it, but I am pretty happy with brown all year. I add some white in the Spring and some orange in the Fall and I am good. The exception to the rule is Christmas, of course.

Our house is a mess right now – not at all recovered from a weekend of entertaining. (Photos coming soon!) In these moments, I love to straighten up the family room, light a scented candle, and pretend the rest doesn’t exist! Ha! 🙂

Here’s a peek at Fall in our house…

I pulled out my favorite super cozy faux-fur throw to snuggle under while watching TV…

I decided to leave out the throw pillows we have been using since teal and brown are Fall colors – and I just like them.

I stuck this vase here to get it out of the way and decided to let it stay even though it’s technically my Spring time arrangement.

You know I like to ‘shop within my home’. I pulled this out of the big cabinet in my office (in the background of this photo). I’ve had all this for years but never combined it quite this way – so now my old stuff feels new again!

In the Spring and Summer, I keep a glass jar of sand and shells on this entry table – but in the Fall, I pull out this glass pumpkin filled with potpourri.

Fall can be defined by three things: colorful leaves, pumpkins, and football. What’s not to love?!?

This is supposed to be a picture of the flowers and basket that are here in the entry all year long – but my eye was drawn to the wireless router and power strip stuffed under the cabinet in the office. Nice, huh? Good thing no one pays me to blog!

This little man is 7 years old now…

Oh my goodness!


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