This month in the yard: October

I’ve stalled on publishing this month’s post on my gardening efforts because I really need to pull some weeds. 🙂  I’m so happy with the Lantana, Cana Lillies and the little orange annuals out front. They all added so much color this year. I’m pleased also that the Crepe Myrtles we added and/or moved are all alive and blooming.

The most exciting thing happening in the yard right now is the massive growth of a mysterious – but really pretty – vine off the back patio. Any guesses as to what it is???

That was my good news.

Perhaps I expected too much, but overall, this year fell far short of my Southern Living inspired expectations of how colorful and lush our flowerbeds were going to be. I keep going back to my friend Robin’s comment: “It all looks purdy in the store, don’t it, Kim?” It all looks so easy in the magazine!!!

I really just want to swing in the hammock while surrounded by an ocean of color…

These silly purple coneflowers bloom sporadically. The plant next to this one has brown/dead flowers.

I’m already planning changes for next Spring, beginning with a thick layer of mulch to control weeds and moving the oversized Hostas and Cana Lillies. I am also going to scale back the selection of plants. I drove past a house the other day with landscaping that looked so simple, so beautiful and so colorful – beds full of Dwarf Hollies intermixed with Nandina and Loropetalum. Green, purple, orange and red for the Fall. Easy peasey. <SIGH>

The kitties enjoy it regardless…


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