My big grown up baby…

When Leah was an itty bitty baby, I was amazed by each new skill she acquired – especially that first year. It was so crazy to see her go from a little peanut who slept all the time to an alert baby holding up her head, then holding her own bottle, then crawling and then walking… I would say, “Oooooh, you’re my big grown up baby!”

Uncle Stevie recently referred to Leah as a 45-year old IT consultant. I am not 45 years old!!! But Leah is a lot like me – she’s more like 44 year old me than 4th grade me for sure. She’s strong, confident and assertive. She is a benevolent dictator over the Fiefdom of Michael. (Bless him.) She is incredibly responsible and perceptive beyond her years. I wish Bryan and I could take credit for stellar parenting, but the truth is, Leah is her own person. Steve may think she is like me, but really, she’s like Leah.

My “big grown up baby” is very much a young lady in so many ways – but still a kid, too. I referred to her as a tween recently and she clarified that you’re not a tween until you turn 10, so she won’t be a tween until next month. Have I mentioned Leah is an absolutist who loves rules and sees the world in shades of black and white? In this way, she is not at all like her mama.

I’m proud of this sweet girl.


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