Volleyball season is officially over and soccer ends this weekend – but before we can even catch our breath, both kids have basketball tryouts this Monday! I won’t even tell you what my dad said when I told him. Haha! We could never have both kids in sports without Paw-Paw’s help getting one of them to their game or practice while I take the other. He’s been enormously helpful!

Here’s Leah getting ready to serve.
Abby brought matching red and white ribbons for everyone’s hair!

The city tournament was this week and our girls finished a respectable 3rd of the five teams. They improved tremendously this season and played so hard in the tournament! Most importantly, all the girls I observed this season exhibited exceptional sportsmanship! They were so kind  and supportive of one another – high fiving the successes and offering reassurance when someone hit the net or missed a shot. The kids were awesome.

In my experience with pee-wee sports, the kids are always well behaved. It’s the parents you have to watch out for. After seeing some poor sportsmanship from a parent coach of another team, my mom leaned over and whispered, in a Bless His Heart way that all Southerners understand, “He must have never gotten to play.” Hahaha!

Leah’s coach was great – always an encourager.

Leah became a solid server and was growing more assertive in returning shots. Also… she really had fun!

We’re chalking up this season as a success!!!

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