I am pretty sure “Trunk-or-Treat” (or “Trick-or-Trunk” if you’re my confused friend Lori) is a Southern thing. It didn’t exist when I was growing up in Auburn, Alabama, but I think it originated with the churches who said the Halloween Carnival needed to be renamed the Fall Festival. Every church in the metro-area throws a devil-free “trunk-or-treat” where members decorate their cars and the kids trick-or-treat through the church parking lot. Who knows, maybe it originated with the 1980s Tylenol scare and the days of hospitals allowing parents to x-ray their kids’ candy. Remember that?!? Good grief.

Anyway… I like Halloween a lot, especially the happy pumpkin kind of Halloween, but only because I’m a big scaredy-cat! You could not pay me to go through one of those Jaycee’s haunted houses. Michael and Andrew as ninjas is enough for me. 😉

Our children’s minister uses “trunk-or-treat” as an inner city outreach. It makes me very happy to ensure kids have a safe place to load up on enough candy to make them thoroughly sick! I mean, what is the point of Halloween if not to consume candy to your own peril?!? (I got that line from Andrew, btw.)

After a chili dinner, the kids (and their parents) just go from car to car…

Some people get very creative in decorating their trunks!

This was my parents’ first year to “trunk-or-treat”.

I had to explain to people that Dad didn’t purposefully go with an Auburn theme – this is just a regular ol’ Wednesday in the life of Paw-Paw!

Ms Sandra is our preschool education coordinator.

These Hogwarts students with Leah are my college roommate Lori’s kids, Riley and Maddie. They are the neatest kids! They moved here from DC this summer and we could not be happier about it!

Teenagers make very good candy-hander-outters.

And so do 4th graders!

We had a great time! And guess what… these three are trick-or-treating again tonight through the neighborhood!

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