Michael’s soccer season with the Ninjas has come to an end and he loved every minute! Michael got to play with his best buddy Charlie and their tee-ball coaches, Jonathan and Chris, coached the soccer team. They did a great job and the boys learned so much! Michael played fullback (his mommy’s position) as well as sweeper.

On Saturday morning, it was a blustery 40˚ F (5˚ C)!  A little boy said he was cold and the coach on the other team said, “Run faster!” It was funny but the grandmamas sitting behind me did not approve! So many boys had on black jackets that it was never clear which team had the ball!

We never did find Michael’s missing uniform so he had to wear a random pair of black socks and black shorts with the improvised tee that Paw-Paw drew a #9 on. I have searched the entire house and will just say it vanished while I was on my business trip – so who knows!

I love that they’re still little enough to run off the field and hug their mamas. This is a sweet age group. Michael will still be young enough to play 8U next year which is great since this was his first year. Some kids had played since they were 4 year olds!

After the final game, we had an end of season party… outside. No one knew it would be so stinking cold! The boys were all so happy – I really don’t think they were bothered by the weather. (The parents were whining! Ha!)

Charlie and Michael… best buddies!!!

Bryan and Coach Jonathan

Michael and Coach Chris

(Or close enough! Giant trophies with spinning soccer balls!)

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