Seen and Heard: 110%

I wish I had a personal assistant – for many, many reasons – also because I could turn to him/her and say, “Write that down. That was funny.” I’ve concluded life runs at 110% of what I can manage effectively. (This may be an optimistic estimate.) Thankfully my family makes me laugh every day – generally when they don’t try to be funny…

Leah: “Me and Andrew are deciding where to go to college. Texas Tech is out.”

Me: “Texas Tech???”

Andrew: “And Harvard is out.”

Me: “Harvard is out? Already? What’s wrong with Harvard?”

Leah: “It’s ugly. We saw the pictures.”


Me – with a shrug: “Dawn thinks you’re really funny.”

[long pause]

Bryan: “And you disagree?!?!?!?!?”

Michael: “When I grow up, I’m going to be Dr. Price.”

Leah: “What?!? No, you’re not! I’m going to be Dr. Price!!! I am getting my doctorate.”

Michael: “No!!! I am!!!”

Leah: “No!!! I am!!!”

and etc.

Me: “Hey kids. Have you done your homework?”



Michael: “Mommy, when I grow up, you don’t have to call me Dr. Price. You can still just call me Michael.”

Me: “Thanks, buddy.”


Me – suggesting social options for my mom: “How about that idea?”

Nana: “I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of old people.”


Michael: “Mommy, you’re coming with me when I go to college, right?”

Me: “Sure – sounds like fun.”

Michael: “OK, good, because I’m not going unless you come with me.”

Leah: “Mommy, really?!? Seriously?!? That’s ridiculous.”

The lady who took this one yelled, “Got it!!!” as though she’d finally gotten the one we could use on the Christmas card. Worse? She may be right.

november 2 2014

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