This American Girl…

Leah loves all things American Girl so it was no surprise that she asked if we could go back to Atlanta for her 10th birthday. Three years ago, she and I went for a quick trip to celebrate her 7th birthday – just one night, which was long enough to visit the Georgia Aquarium and the American Girl store. I really wanted Bryan and Michael to visit the aquarium and after some negotiating, Leah decided it would be OK to have boys on our trip since we were staying two nights this time. (She wanted them to drive separately and stay in a different hotel, but I nixed those suggestions. Ha!)

This is the place.

<cue the chorus of angels>

The weekend of fun began with a special American Girl VIP guest check-in at the Marriott in Alpharetta…

The hotel gave Leah and Beatrice a doll bed, wand and matching tiaras to keep…

…plus matching pink robes (to borrow) and they decorated the room with pink sheets, a pink beanbag, pink alarm clock, etc. Pink with pink! They even had pink tablecloths in the dining room at breakfast!

Leah and Michael love hotels so half the fun of the trip was hanging out in the hotel room, ordering room service, watching TV, snuggling in bed…

Another perk of the hotel is the heated indoor pool! What’s more fun than swimming when it’s cold outside?!?

On Sunday, we had reservations for a special birthday lunch at the American Girl Bistro. It’s adorable and the food is surprisingly pretty good. Everything is cute – pink lemonade, pink Sprite, a star shaped crouton in the soup, etc. So so so cute!

Michael was very supportive of the whole enterprise as you can see.

Leah was entirely in her element.


And, of course, Beatrice loved every minute!!

The highlight was an enthusiastic rendition of “Happy Birthday” from the staff…

… and the birthday wishes swirling in this sweet child’s head.

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