We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We celebrated on Wednesday with Bryan’s family and again on Friday with mine. In the middle, we had some serious down-time capped off with dinner at a Greek diner Thursday evening with Uncle Stevie. It was a great holiday, a relaxing break from work and school, and a time to reflect on how blessed we have been this past year.

Back row: Anna (15), Olivia (19), Drew (26), Emily (22) and Will (15)

Front row: Michael (7), Papa, Mama P, Leah (10)

Bryan’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 14 months ago and we’re all happy to see she is so well! All 7 of the grandbabies were in town for Thanksgiving which has always been a special holiday for Papa’s family.

Wednesday night, I was standing in the kitchen watching everyone cooking and talking and laughing and I thought, This is what I enjoy so much about this family. I’m so thankful for each one of them and particularly for God’s blessings on my mother-in-law.

One thought on “Thankful…

  1. We are also very, very thankful for a great son-in-law, and his wonderful family. A great example for us all of what family is all about. Our love and best wishes to all, Bill and Marion


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