Cooking Club: Shrimp and Grits

I dropped out of my Cooking Club several years ago, but every once in a while, one of the girls will call to see if I want to pop in. This month, my friend Kimberly was hosting. The hostess picks an elaborate menu, provides recipes to the group, and we each pick one to bring. It’s mostly an excuse to have dinner together and talk – but it’s also a fun way to try something new. I made shrimp and grits and they were so good that I made them again for my family this Saturday when we watched the Iron Bowl. (What a game!!!)

This is Tatum, Megan, Kristi, Emily and Kimberly (our hostess).

This is Jennifer (preggie!!), Julie, Farrah, Kristi and Kristen.

Yes, we have two Kristis and a Kristen!!

I followed this recipe for Shrimp and Grits with two exceptions: I upgraded the artificial/overly-processed ingredients (so real half and half and real stone ground grits) and I used real bacon (because I don’t think Canadians eat shrimp and grits and therefore their bacon is out of place – HA!).

This recipe is easy and FAST and a crowd pleaser! I tried it with Asiago cheese this weekend and it was amazing.


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