Magic, please…

My brother Steve is concerned that this blog reflects a distorted view of life here on Pebblestone Path – one where everything is shiny and perfect – despite my disclaimer. I am working on a blog post about that. In the mean time, rest assured, real life happens right here every day!

Tomorrow night, we are hosting our annual Sunday School class Christmas party! Since we keep floating through different Sunday School classes, it’s actually a party for the people who used to come to our Sunday School class Christmas party plus a few new and/or fun church members who should have been coming!!

I need some serious magic to happen in the next 30 hours…

The whole house looks a lot like the kitchen sink and the table you can see behind it – it’s all in dire need of attention! There’s also a funky smell wafting out of the laundry room…

…and an even worse smell coming from Freddie!!!

Oh, and in theory, you should have your house decorated for Christmas before hosting your one and only Christmas party. (Argh!)

It will all work out – it always does! The trick to the busy-ness of the holidays is keeping the pace at an easy jog for the entire month of December. Wish me luck!!!

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