Plan B…

My friend Fern has a coin purse that says, “Life is all about how you handle Plan B.” Well, yee-haw… Plan B is in full swing because I got a fever Tuesday night… just in time for Bryan’s entire immune system to get wiped out. We waited three years for this new MS treatment and this is the week I get sick?!? I had to leave Wednesday – not only was I unable to help, but I became a burden on the whole Plan A system that hung in an already delicate balance.

This is bad to admit,  but sometimes I think I’m Atlas – like I can hold up the whole world – or at least my little corner of it. This week, I was reminded that it’s not true, and more importantly, not necessary!!! My parents held down the fort at home with help from our neighbors and church – Bryan’s sister Kathryn went to care for their mom (who has been doing her own chemo for breast cancer) so Bryan’s dad could come stay with Bryan. I haven’t been home yet so as not to contaminate the house. The house is clean but my parents went by to give it a quick Lysol treatment. Bryan gets home today and has to be quarantined for 7-10 days so my brother Steve is going to stay with him until I’m well.

I have been in this chair in my parents living room for 48 hours. Worthless. But it’s fine. Actually, it’s better than fine – it’s pretty great to be reminded how many people love us and how amazingly generous friends and family can be. It’s humbling.

I am sitting in this chair feeling so very grateful.

One thought on “Plan B…

  1. Another reason why we are thankful Marion and Bill are there to help and assist…and I know it works both ways. They were really missed in Auburn at the Bible Study Party though. So hope Bryan makes progress from the treatment and that you feel much better soon.


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