Nine boys and a log house…

This is the latest addition to the photo collection I’m pulling together for the kids for a collage wall of their ancestors pictures.


My father-in-law just sent me this picture of his grandfather and grandmother and their 5 oldest boys in about 1905. They had 12 boys, if you can even imagine. Sadly only 9 survived infancy, but those 9 all lived very long, healthy lives. The family is standing in front of their log house near Shop Springs, Tennessee – east of Nashville. Cedar from the log house was used to build a larger more modern home in 1910. Some of the wood was used to build a cedar chest which Bryan’s dad is giving to him this weekend. It’s going in the man cave.

The farm is now owned by country music singer Gretchen Wilson.

P. S. The clapboard siding had been added sometime after the original log house was built circa 1850. Also, Granny said the trick to raising children (nine good boys) was to give them a job and make sure they did it. 🙂

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