Beatrice’s new digs

The Uncle Stevie Construction Company completed Beatrice’s deluxe new townhouse just after Thanksgiving and Beatrice moved in! Leah could not be happier! (Steve is pretty happy, too — to be done!)

I now understand why American Girl does not sell doll houses – how would you ship this?!? We needed the Uncle Hal Moving Company to come help. An 18″ (46 cm) doll needs a lot of space. 🙂

Please note Beatrice has a custom fireplace very much like ours!


Julie, Beatrice, Sarah (the mom) and Angie

We took this family photo to frame and hang in the living room. Leah was concerned that there’s no daddy so we decided he’s a spy and doesn’t have his picture taken. 🙂

While Stevie was building the townhouse, Beatrice and her sister Angie went on a trip to Austria in the RV with their cousin Ben.

Leah made this outfit for Julie!

The townhouse has an “open concept” living room and kitchen.

Beatrice and her family moved in right away! Nana and Paw-Paw gave Leah a kitchen for the dollhouse for Christmas. I’ll post updates soon!

4 thoughts on “Beatrice’s new digs

  1. I want to play! Love it. How can kids be so lucky – having 2 super creative uncles (with no children to exhaust them.) Plus such a encouraging, creative Mom…not to mention grandparents! All are blessed!


    • Ha! Yes, Steve says he will gladly build another one – in exchange for a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with mud tires!!! LOL! I think we wore him out on this one, but I would be happy to share tips with Alex. 🙂


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