Getting organized in 2015!!!

Lets talk about New Year’s resolutions…

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One of the many nice things about being unemployed for half of 2014 is that I was able to get us just a teeny bit organized. Before marriage and kids, I was insanely organized. Every hanger in my closet matched and was two finger widths apart. Always. I managed my finances with a color-coded binder and launched initiatives with spiffy names like “Operation Financial Freedom”. My CDs were organized by genre. (See how long ago this was? I played CDs!!!) My idea of a messy room was seeing a pair of shoes thrown carelessly in the floor. I spent hours several hours cleaning my 800 f² (74 m²) apartment every Saturday morning. Why? I had the time – and – the simplicity of organization is freeing. I miss that feeling of freedom – freedom from clutter, freedom from hunting for a roll of tape or a button, or that black top I like more than this black top… So, one of my resolutions for 2015 is to implement more organization into our home and our routines. The timing is right because this is a new year and the kids are old enough to help.

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CUE THE CHORUS OF ANGELS! Look at that photo! This could be MY life! This could be YOUR life!

Organized people say irritating things like this: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s cringe-worthy but true. Organization is not hard. The trick is ensuring everything has an official place to be – someplace logical to group things that are similar. Second, you have to spend a little time each day maintaining it. This is challenging when no one in your house understands the organizational structure or cares about maintaining the organizational structure – even possibly actively undermines your maintenance of the organizational structure.

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The third trick to organization is actually the most important: you can’t own so much stuff. I am prompting myself on this one knowing that the less you own, the faster you can clean it up, alphabetize it, color code it, etc. The 4th trick is you don’t need much storage if you follow trick #3. Storage is the enemy of organization because it encourages you to keep things you don’t actually use or need.

As part of my “get organized in 2015” New Year’s resolution, I am committed to owning less stuff: If it isn’t getting used, let’s give it away – and not replace it. I gave some stuff away today and it felt great, so here’s to more of that!

I am so ready for some organization! Who’s with me?!?


3 thoughts on “Getting organized in 2015!!!

  1. Me, me, me! I am notoriously known for getting rid of stuff, and I don’t feel like we buy a lot either. But it still keeps finding its way into my home! I strive to get rid of three things (average) a day so that we are intentionally taking over 1000 out of our house each year. I already have a box full and more I am sorting through. I think the main enemy of too much stuff is a too-big house to put it in. Before kids we moved into a 2500 sq foot house and felt like we needed to fill it. That is the stuff I am now having to sort and donate or trash!


    • No kidding! I get it. I saw a great quote on Pinterest (of course) that said: “Everything you own owns you right back.” I’ve been letting that one spin in my head for a few days…


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