Project 1 – Revamp Closet

You: Kim, why are your clothes piled up in the bath tub?

Me: Hey, that’s a great question! I’m revamping my closet! So so so exciting!

Actually, our air conditioner leaked and caused water damage in Bryan’s closet and mine. (Grrr.) So, we had to replace the carpet and a little drywall. After 7 years in this house, it is like an archaeological dig to empty our closets – but – it’s a great first project for Operation Organization 2015!!! (That’s my New Year’s Resolution – I gave it an inspiring name so it will feel less like work.)

Alfonso, our handyman/contractor/friend, corrected everything before Christmas, so now we are doing the fun part. Alfonso and Jesus are taking out the old shelving, repainting, and installing wood shelving. Also, Alfonso has been saying nice things to Bryan like, Your wife doesn’t have a lot of clothes or shoes compared to most women. (I swear I don’t tip him to say things like that! Bryan is unconvinced.)

Here’s my inspiration… from Pinterest, of course.

I’ll let you know how it all works out!


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