Feliz Año Nuevo!

Our friends Yesy and Alfonso (a.k.a. “Ms Jessy” and Alfonso) invited us to hang out with them on New Year’s Eve! I’ve never liked New Years and have a broad policy of staying in, but it was time to make an exception. The last time I recall being out until midnight on New Year’s, some friends and I were ringing in 2000 under Big Ben in London. Ha! It had been a while… And we only stayed out until about 9:30 this time. 🙂

Alfonso and Yesy just finished a renovation/addition on their home and wanted to give us the tour. Everything was beautiful! Alfonso does great work. (He’s a contractor.) Yesy has an incredible eye for decorating and she’s super organized! I walked through every room thinking, Maybe the next room will be messy… Nope.

As much as we enjoyed visiting their home, the plans for the evening took us to the home of Feliz, one of the men who works for Alfonso. Feliz was busy cooking the pig Alfonso bought from a Mexican grocery store…

The barbecue.

I loved that Feliz was using a board to stir the meat!

Alfonso and Bryan

The meat was cooking on the bone along with orange and pineapple juices.

Inside, Emma was making refried beans and a pico de gallo that was different from what I accustomed to eating in Mexican restaurants. Emma chopped the veggies into big chunks and included cucumber then squirted lime juice on top. Everyone ate it like a salad/side dish. Everything she made was from scratch and it was all amazingly delicious!

Yesy was born in Honduras, so she was telling me some ways these dishes are alike and different from the way her mom cooked for her.

Muy delicioso!

I speak Dora The Explorer Spanish, which is to say, I can roll off quips like, “Muy delicioso!” (Very delicious!) But I can’t say much else! Between that and muchos gracias (thank you very much) we were pretty well covered, but I kept thinking I really should learn Spanish. It would have been nice to visit more with Emma and her children instead of just watching and having Yesy translate for me occasionally.

We grabbed forks out of habit, but I noticed other guests using used a corn tortilla to scoop up bites.

Michael was happy to get a Fanta.

Vegas is safe – Michael’s poker face is worse than mine! Yes, the whole experience was a little odd for him – but that’s a good thing. I told the kids to use their very, very best manners and they did. They ate everything on their plates but didn’t ask for more which was perfect – especially for 7 and 10 year olds being introduced to new things.

This is my new buddy Abraham. I held him all night and Bryan reminded me – jokingly – to leave the baby with his mama when we left. Ha! I love babies – especially when they’re little and sweet and cuddly like this guy!

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