My teeny weeny epiphany

Remember “The Church Lady” from Saturday Night Live? A friend of mine swears it’s her mother-in-law. Ha! That skit was hilarious because it was relatable for so many of us. Scary!

In all seriousness, I’ve always felt a bit squirmy in church. There’s something so daunting for me personally in the complexity of the standing up and sitting down, then greet the neighbor, three songs and a prayer, contemporary vs. traditional services, cross-stitched Bible covers, Jesus fish decals, praise teams, choirs, robes, tracts, candles, door knocking, ‘sound doctrine’, church and Church, stained glass windows, auditorium vs worship center vs sanctuary, role of women, VBS, youth group, pastor vs preacher vs minister vs evangelist, WWJD bracelets, the verse in the original Greek or Aramaic, Christian rock, Christian schools, Christian camps, Christian colleges, concordances, finance committee, benevolence committee, missions committee, committees committee (just kidding) and all the special church-y vocab I can never keep straight like hermaneutics, ecumenical, dispensation, eschatological, liturgy…

Bleh! I feel tired.

So, here was my teeny weeny epiphany: It’s noise. Shake it off, sister! 🙂 Jesus is easy. The rest is neither inherently good nor bad, but it can be a distraction from the important stuff. (I linked to two of my favorite verses that help me stay focused on what matters: JUST MORE LOVE.)

OK, I feel better – I’ll go back to blogging about my adorable children and home organization projects now. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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