Project 2 – The Refrigerator

It was time to tackle The Refrigerator…

Remember the NFL defensive lineman “Refrigerator Perry“?

OK, I didn’t have to actually, literally (as my children would say) tackle Refrigerator Perry, but I did need to clean out our fridge because I am an organizing machine in 2015! And because someone knocked over a jug of sweet tea and it coated everything in the fridge with sticky goodness. Sometimes organization projects just come right at you!

You may recall that I did a big refrigerator organization a year or so ago – grouped ‘like with like’ in bins and added labels which my family members ignore. (Sigh.) So re-organizing it wasn’t too hard. I emptied the fridge to clean it out, then shuffled the shelves a bit to make the heavy milk jugs easier for Michael to handle.

How do you like the bins and labels???

Drop by later for some mealworms, OK? Just kidding – those are for Michael’s pet lizard and yes, the worms creep me out. #amotherslove


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