Paw-Paw and Michael

I think my dad is really enjoying living up here. It’s a big transition to leave Auburn after 40 years, but the grandkids keep him busy and that helps! Dad comes over every morning around 6:55 to help me get the kids ready for school.

Here’s Paw-Paw helping a sleepy boy finish his homework before breakfast…

If you have been around Michael in recent months, then you know he has been rather fixated on tortoises. He’s spent countless hours researching tortoises and can go into enormous details about various species of tortoises. We have all become unwitting ‘experts’ in the distinctions among Galapagos, African spurred tortoise (also known as the Sulcata), Hermann’s, Russian, red-footed, Sonoran Desert and gopher tortoises and, of course, the spur-thighed or Greek tortoise. I thought Michael was familiar with every tortoise until I read through a more comprehensive list on Wikipedia and I now know we may be hearing about tortoise research for years to come! Who knew there were so many?!?

In the mean time, Michael has convinced his Paw-Paw to get a pet tortoise! (Sucka!!!) They are leaning toward a Russian tortoise, although the Greek and red-footed tortoises would also make a fine pet. Just ask Michael. They plan to get this tortoise on May 20th since that’s the mid-point between Nana and Paw-Paw’s birthdays and it would be their present from Michael… which Paw-Paw is paying for. Lucky Nana!!!

Michael and I go to the pet store every few days to buy crickets for his lizard, Emmitt. Last night, the manager let Michael hold their baby Russian tortoise.

I had to admit, he is really cute.

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